Dayton, Ohio // Demeter Family Portraits

This beautiful family has graced my life in a number of ways. I was Lila's youth group leader at church, Phil helps lead worship at our church, and I have seen Kristi's name on many emails as she works in admin positions at our church. I'm very grateful for the roles they play. :)

The Demeters also happen to be a pretty "lucky" family, I guess you could say. A little while back, I decided that I wanted to share my photography with someone. Kristi entered and won! They decided to make their experience one for their whole family.

We ventured out in the November air that happened to bless us with warmth; this November really has been an oddity. The day also blessed us by holding onto the beautiful leaves just a bit longer so we could capture their beauty and this beautiful family together.

Family photos aren't what I normally capture, but I'm sure glad the Demeter family graced my life in this way. :)

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