Downtown Dayton, Ohio // Kyle & Jess Engaged

Love isn't just about the big events, like the first time you hold hands, the first time you say "I love you," the proposal. Love is really about all the little moments all strung together: the everyday, the glances of admiration, cuddling while watching Netflix, sharing an inside joke and making each other laugh. The biggest take-away from my opportunity to see Kyle and Jess' love was the power of these "little" moments. They told me about a variety of these times that they have shared throughout their relationship; I think they thought nothing of it or that their love story wasn't as special. I disagree. I think these occasions are exactly what make love strong, memorable, and adorable. This foundation for lasting love was heartwarming to see and I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness it.

For their engagement session, Kyle and Jess suggested that we venture into downtown Dayton. The streets were pretty empty for us, but that may have been because of the cold and wind—to be expected from January, of course. There was one moment we were going to cross the street to a new location, but a powerful gust of wind strongly encouraged us back to the safety of the nearest high-rise. No matter the cold, Kyle & Jess were so go-with-the-flow and allowed me to get creative with reflections and let me play a bit with an in-camera double-exposure. Thank you!

Congratulations, again, Kyle and Jess! May every moment you share be a powerful new facet in the foundation of your love. I'm excited to celebrate with you in October! Cheers!