Plainfield, Illinois // Hannah and The Full Color Life

Not too long ago, I noticed that one of my friends I made way back in my middle school and high school days, Hannah, has been actively blogging about a range of topics. One of these topics is our good friend, the amazing city of Chicago. :) Growing up about an hour from Chicago has made me forever love this city, even if I'm not that much of a city girl. Odd, I know.

After seeing all of Hannah's posts coming across my Facebook newsfeed, it made me realize that I had a great excuse to hang out with my old friend, i.e. photography! So I decided to reach out to set something up for the next time I would be in town. And I'm so glad I did. :) Not only was it fun getting to catch up with her, but it was also great to be able to capture her fun personality in photos.

Hannah and I decided to switch things up a bit and photograph a little closer to home instead of in the big city. We picked the cute little downtown of Plainfield, Illinois and it's Electric Park. (You should look up the history of Plainfield's Electric Park! Here's a link. ;) I wish every town had something like that was in its heyday.) I hadn't been in that area just to walk through it in ages, but it was a great little blast from the past as we wandered.

I enjoyed Hannah's fashion choices for our session, especially the contrast of the downtown Chicago style outfit placed in downtown Plainfield. But I'll let her talk about that on her own blog. You can find it soon over at I highly encourage you to check it out and follow her on the social medias! :D

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