Dayton, Ohio // Jon & Kylyn Engaged

This past weekend just happened to be the year anniversary of Jon & Kylyn reconnecting after some time and distance separating them. A rekindled friendship grew into love and it didn't take long for these two to know that their future would be better together.

Jon & Kylyn will be tying the knot in just under five months and I can't wait for the celebration of such beautiful souls. Their love for God and for others is absolutely remarkable, and I cannot wait to see where that, coupled with their intelligence and wisdom, will bring them.

Congratulations, Jon & Kylyn! Not only for the excitement of your upcoming wedding celebration, but for the rest of your lives together in marriage. :)


(On another note, which blog layout do you like better? This one with all of the photos stacked or the slideshow version? Let me know!) :)