Christmas with the Micks 2016

I like to drag my husband around when we find pretty places and make him take photos with me. Well, it's not really dragging per-say since he's always agreeable to the situation—mostly because it means cuddling with me in the process, haha. But I love the whole ordeal. Sometimes it means doing things that I otherwise wouldn't do, like taking off my coat in the cold. No, really, I'm a complete wimp in the cold! But whenever I brave it for photos it's never all that bad. ;P

These photos were taken on the first good snowy, winter day this December. I was driving home from an interpreting assignment and enjoying the beautiful snowy, country roads when I found this pretty location. When I arrived home, I happened to find that my husband surprised me by coming home from work early. It didn't take much convincing and we were out the door back for some Christmasy photos.

We hope that you have a lovely Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

With much love,

Corrie & Ty

P.S. As you peruse our fun, notice our lovely, beautiful Christmas sweaters. I hope all you hipsters don't mind that we also made a bit of fun at some hipster photo poses while wearing such lovely sweaters. ;)