South Bend, Indiana // Peter & Rachel Married


I don't know what I could say that I haven't already said about Peter & Rachel when I posted about their engagement session (here). They are super sweet and super adorable. I absolutely love the way Peter makes Rachel laugh. I love their musical talents and only wish I could have enjoyed more of them. I loved being a witness to the next step in their love story and I know this chapter is just a beginning to the amazing years ahead of them.

This chapter of their love story was highlighted by a beautiful, sunny day. Their friends and family, especially their bridal party, were simply wonderful to meet and interact with. Whether I knew them previously or not (We went to the same college, Bethel College in Indiana, and so knew many of the same people.), I felt at ease with everyone. I loved sharing laughter, jokes, and tears even with Rachel's mom. :) (I secretly love getting to know my couples' moms!)

Congratulations, Peter & Rachel! May God bless you and all your endeavors, especially as you begin your time leading a church. Enjoy Michigan!

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