Adventure Themed In-Home Newborn Session

I had the opportunity to meet an amazing little man. I don't mean to make this about me so I'll be brief on this point, but there's a special connection here. I prayed for him to exist, I cried when I found out he was coming, and my heart has melted now that I've met him.

Little Mr. Byer is a tiny piece of perfection surrounded by a whole lot of love; you can see it in the everything his parents do for him. He also has an amazing nursery decorated with an adventure theme (Oh my heart! It's amazing!) where he gets to sleep, one of his favorite things of course. But it's not a favorite thing when a lady with a big black thing in front of her face just keeps looking at him, haha. That never changed how adorable he is, eyes wide open or sound asleep. I had to capture a little bit of the reality behind the scenes of a newborn session, too; even his crying was just too cute. His yawns were my favorite, though. Baby yawns are like a little...I have no idea what they're even comparable to, but they're wonderful! haha

This family of Mom, Dad, and puppy has now got a little man to turn their world upside down. In all the best ways of course. I am so excited that I could capture their love at this in-home newborn photography session. This little glimpse into their lives makes me so excited for their future together. A little boy surrounded by abounding love is sure to grow up with an amazing adventure laid out before him. Adventure is out there, and this family is off on an amazing journey.

By the way, the adorable fabric pieces you see in the photos are by Fabric & Fox. :)