Cedarville, Ohio // Ethan and Kayce Engaged

Ethan, Kayce, and I spent our evening around the cute little town of Cedarville, Ohio. Ethan requested Cedarville because it has a special place in his heart as being where he had done his family portraits throughout the years as well as his high school senior portraits. We had fun making it a new adventure for him and Kayce together now that they are engaged. :)

Ohio had been having quite the mix of temperature changes, but luckily Ethan, Kayce, and I just happened to have one of the last warm evenings in store for us for their engagement session. The only cold that really got to us was when we attempted to step into a creek for some photos there. Maybe not a good idea for November in the Midwest, haha. Springtime/Summertime anyone? ;)

I really enjoyed when asking Ethan to make his fiancee laugh that he was able to do so very easily. Laughter makes me happy and it makes me very happy when my clients can make each other laugh so readily, as Ethan and Kayce do. I'm sure they have had a smile filled relationship.

One thing that stood out to me as they told me their love story is how adorable I thought it was that they enjoy picnics together so much. I'm pretty sure they told me that their first date included a picnic and that spot turned into their special place. That is also where Ethan asked Kayce to become his bride. Adorable.

Congratulations, you two! And may God bless you throughout your life together. :)

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