Oswego, IL // Hannah & The Full Color Life

I am so happy I had the opportunity to adventure with this amazing lady, again. We almost weren't able to since my sweet hubby had a bit of a medical emergency when leaving Ohio for Illinois, but everything worked out quite swimmingly in the end. (Oh, and don't worry, Ty's doing great now!) :)

I appreciate that Hannah lets me try new things. This adventure involved busting out my new flash set-up and playing around. I prefer not to use flash during my sessions, but on wedding days you never know how the light might treat you. I want to be ready for whatever is thrown my way. :) Oh, did I mention another variable we worked with? Rain. Yup, we took on the challenge of a rainy, dreary day and even did some of our session in the almost complete darkness of night. I wanted to take a behind the scenes photo for you guys with my phone, but...uhh...I couldn't...cause it was dark. haha

You may remember Hannah from a previous blog post of mine that you can find here. She has a pretty awesome blog over at thefullcolorlife.co. You can find her there as well as on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even YouTube! Check her out! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images that we had so much fun making. :)

What's your favorite image from our adventure? Let me know in the comments! :D