South Bend, Indiana // Katie's Maternity

So, you may have just seen the King family's portrait session and gender reveal (if not you can find it here), but I couldn't not have Katie & Mike's maternity session in a separate blog post (If you figured out that double negative on the first try, way to go!).

Katie allowed me to get creative with the light from the sunset and I absolutely am in love with the results. It doesn't hurt that Katie's basically a model of a mom. By the way, that works for more than just her appearance. She is such a great mom to her little boy and I'm so excited for the mom she will be to her new little girl. (Oh, I maybe should have said "spoiler alert" in case you hadn't seen their adorable gender reveal session yet. Oops.) Katie said that she's excited to do everything boys vs. girls. I think that life ahead of them sounds wonderful for the Kings. And I can't help but be excited to say that the newest King is a princess. ;)

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