Corrie Mick

Hi! I'm Corrie. I am an adventure elopement, portrait, and wedding photographer based out of well, everywhere. I live full-time in a 24ft RV and travel the country. I’m eager to photograph your story wherever that leads you! I have a constant longing for adventure and finding what makes people and places special. An outgrowth of that is that I love documenting what I find with photography—capturing personalities, individuality, and the details that are so often overlooked yet seem to hold the most beauty and mystery. My favorite adventures are weddings. There is something extra special about being able to experience and document the story of the first day of a marriage.

I first realized how much I loved capturing photographs of people rather than landscapes and other photography when I sat down with a friend and he showed me absolutely every photo on his computer. The ones that truly hold the memories and the value are the ones of people. Maybe I'm just sentimental (which I am), but I can't help it.

I am probably the most sentimental when it comes to my husband, the most wonderful man, Tyler Mick. My family means the world to me and has played a huge role into making me, well, me. I am the youngest of three girls, and I live up to that by being outgoing, extremely empathetic, and smiley. Honestly, it's rare that you'll see me without a smile on my face. Life has it's mix of good and bad, but I'm grateful for the gift of God's joy.

My adventures have brought me to the point of having my sport pilots license (I love flying with the doors off!), to several countries around the world (My favorite, besides the United States, is Ghana, West Africa.), to earn my bachelors degree in sign language interpreting, and to capturing the beauty of people across the country. I hope that you are next on my list to meet and adventure with through photography.

Travel Dates: 

(I'm always up for a photography session, so let me know if you want one in one of these or another location!)

  • New Mexico — Until March 24

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — End of March

  • Kansas City, Missouri — End of March

  • Omaha, Nebraska — Early April

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota — Early April

  • Chicago, Illinois — April

  • Michigan — Late April/Early May

  • Portland, Oregon — Mid June through Early July

  • Donner Lake, California — July

  • Monterey, California — October