Frequently Asked Questions

Adventerous Bride and Groom's Portraits at Yosemite National Par

+ General Questions

Where are you located?

I actually travel the country full-time in an RV! So, I'm located everywhere. Maybe I'm located right where you are, or I will be after you ask. ;)

Will you travel to photograph my wedding or engagement session?

Absolutely! Most of my weddings thus far have been all across the country. I’m currently working on updating this information to make it easier for you and I should have that posted here soon. In the meantime, just holler and we’ll figure something out!

If I'm already planning to be in your area for a session, then there are no extra travel fees!

Do you provide elopement packages?

I do! Just holler and I’ll send that info your way.

Do you provide videography?

As much as I love videography and wish I had that talent and highly respect those who do, I don’t. Seriously, not at all. But I can point you in the direction of some amazing people who do!

+ Investment

What do I receive with my package?

My goal is for my clients to have a fun, personalized experience that culminates in images with a classic and timeless style.

Each session includes digital images with a print release so you may print to your hearts content. I also provide professional prints, canvases, and albums for an extra cost. (I LOVE designing albums. Please let me help get one in your hands! haha)

How much are your non-wedding sessions (portrait, anniversary & engagement, Family, Newborn)

All of these packages start at $400. Write me an email and I'll send you more info ASAP! :)

How much are your wedding packages?

My packages start at $2500 for 6 hours of wedding day coverage. Write me an email and I'll send you more info ASAP! :)

+ Style

How would you describe your photography style?

I’m what’s known as a lifestyle photographer. That label can be confusing, so I’ll explain. My goal is to capture real moments full of joy, happy tears, etc. This would be documentary photography during a wedding ceremony and reception because I’ll capture moments as they occur while doing my best to be unobserved and out of the way. During portrait sessions, however, I’ll help direct you into these beautiful moments. This occasional direction, which for me is often in the form of how to make your partner laugh, is what is given the label “lifestyle”.

How does your equipment impact your photography style?

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. —Orson Welles

Like Welles and many others, I believe that limitations are a launchpad for creativity. While I have backups in case of malfunction and bring a variety of lenses, I know what to use during each portion of a portrait session and a wedding day. Knowing that, I keep only what I need on my person. This allows me to focus more on the moments happening in front of me rather than copious amounts of gear.

+ Weddings

What is your philosophy behind wedding photography specifically?

Your wedding is a special day, one that celebrates the beginning of the rest of your life together. You’ve likely gathered family and friends from all over, and I want you and them to remember your time together on that day. My goal is to capture these memories to the best of my ability while also doing my best to not interfere with these memories. During your ceremony, I’m going to do my best to stay along the back and sides of the venue so your guests can see each of these first moments of you becoming husband and wife. Sometimes this may mean that I’m going to take a photo from a lower vantage point than absolutely “ideal”, but I’ll make sure it will still look great all while making the best experience for all on the wedding day and you as you, your children, and grandchildren look back through your photos.

How do you feel about people photographing with their smartphones during a wedding ceremony?

It’s not a huge deal to me except for in a couple instances. Let me share something I’ve seen time and time again. Even when my couples have done a first look (which I highly recommend!), it is an emotional moment for the bride and groom when the bride walks down the aisle. Don’t we all love those images of teary grooms?! But often, the bride and groom can’t see each other until the bride is at the front of the aisle. You probably guessed why, because so many phones were blocking the groom from seeing his bride! I even set myself in an aisle or at a vantage point slightly off to the side where I’ll be out of the way so you can experience that moment in all its glory without me blocking your line of sight. Now, I know the age in which we live, of course there are going to be phones and even tablets taking photos. I don’t mind! Maybe have a sign, or a note in the program, or, probably the most successful, a short message from the officiant that you’d like them to be respectful of you two being able to see each other during that time.

How do you feel about people photographing with professional cameras during a wedding ceremony?

I don’t mind someone taking a few photos, especially if they’re in their seats. I just ask that your guests respect you and me in that you hired me to take professional photos of this special, once-in-a-lifetime event. If someone else is in the way, trying to build up their own portfolio, it’s going to impede my ability to give you the best result that I can. I do have a clause in my contract that allows me to tell them to stop if they are getting in the way. Also, why aren’t they enjoying your wedding ceremony like everyone else?! Rude.

Can I give you a “shot list” or a list of “must have” photos?

I do have a questionnaire that I ask all of my couples to fill out, on it there is a place to mention notable details that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Examples of this are that the bracelet you’re wearing is from your grandmother, you gave your bride-to-be special jewelry to wear, you designed the welcome sign yourself, etc. Otherwise, I already know which images to be capturing and a list will actually impede me from being present and aware of the special moments happening around me.

Can I give you a Pinterest board of poses or inspiration?

Sorry, but no. My style of photography guides people into poses and adorable interactions, but I don’t want to copy others. I want this to be about the two of you. If you want, though, I’d be happy to have you share a board of your favorite images of MINE that you’ve seen. From that, I can see what you tend to prefer and try to keep a look out for those types of opportunities, but know that each venue, couple, and numerous other variables provide for different photo opportunities that make each wedding and image different from the next.

How much time do I need for each part of the photography process?

I have a handy dandy timeline guide I send my couples about 6 weeks in advance of their wedding date. If you’d like it sooner, or would just like me to just make the wedding timeline for you (I do this for most of my couples, actually!), then just holler! :)

Can I give you a list of family formals?

Sure thing! I have a questionnaire I ask all of my couples to fill out (I’m super detail oriented), and I have a list of the most common/best groupings. If you’d like to change something up, just add it or remove it from that list in the questionnaire. I’ll then do my best to put all of the groupings into the most efficient order. I just ask that all of the designated people are present and accounted for when the time comes so the process can be as quick and painless as possible. ;)

Should I have a first look?

I highly recommend it for many reasons. Not only does it bring you some calm in the midst of a busy day, but it recenters you to focus on what you’re there for—marriage to the love of your life. Many people say it makes the walk down the aisle less special, but I can attest with photographic proof to many tearful grooms watching their bride walk down the aisle even after they’ve done a first look. It also allows you to go straight from your ceremony into celebrating with your guests. Seriously, it’s perfect.

When should my family formals be taken?

I’ve actually found that the best time is an hour before the ceremony. 30 minutes for the family formals and then 30 minutes hidden away from all of the guests and freshening up. That way, we’re not looking for stragglers after the ceremony which then pushes back all of the reception festivities. No one is happy about that.

+ I love what I see, now what?

How do I book with you?

In order to reserve your session date, I require a 50% non-refundable retainer that keeps that day just for you as well as the signed contract. In the case of a wedding, the rest of the wedding fee is due 30 days prior to the wedding date. Also, in the case where someone else is paying, they should make that money a gift to the bride and groom and then the bride and groom pay me. This just makes sure that legally the bride and groom are my clients. :)

If, God forbid, something happens and I have to cancel do I get my money back?

The 50% retainer is non-refundable as I have likely turned down other sessions in order to keep that day just for you. The rest of the package investment is refundable.

If, God forbid, something happens to you, will you provide me with a different photographer on my wedding day?

Absolutely! While, nothing ever has prevented me in the past, there is a great community of photographers I can rely upon to make sure you have someone to capture your day.

+ My session/event is done, now what?

How do I get my photos?

You will receive your photos in an online gallery that is set up visually much like a Pinterest board of photos. From there you may download, share, and even order prints from my professional print lab. You will have access to all this for 10 years! Although, I do have to share my father’s advice and tell you to “back up, back up, back up!”

What happens if I lose my photos?

I always advise backing up your photos to at least three locations. But in the event of some unforeseen circumstance, where even the online gallery isn’t accessible, I have my own backups. :) Just let me know if you need them. There is a small fee involved with this process.

Do you provide prints and canvases?

Absolutely! You may easily order straight from your online gallery of images. I will also occasionally send out discounts on these, so make sure to sign up for my email list!

Do you provide albums?

Yes! I LOVE albums. They’re probably my personal favorite way to display images because you can interact with them in a tangible, lasting way. I provide quality albums with either leather or linen covers and layflat pages which allow for beautiful full page spreads of your images.

What is the process for albums?

There are a few options. 1) You pick up to 200 of your favorite images to be arranged into the album. 2) You pick a few photos that you know you want in the album and then let me pick the rest. 3) Or you can say, “Girl, that just sounds like too much work. You pick. I trust you.”

From there, you will have two review/comment opportunities from which edits will be made. Then it will be ordered and sent off to you!

How long will it take for me to get my album once it’s approved and ordered?

It really depends on the backlog of the printing company, but generally expect about a month.

Thought of another question you'd like answered? Then click here to contact me. :)