The Adventures of Corrie and Ty 2015

My husband and I have a love for adventure. In fact, when he asked me to marry him he asked if I'd like to join him on a lifelong adventure. :) And that's what we do, we love, we travel, and we try new things all along the way. And me being me, I love to photograph the journey.

This year, I talked Ty into taking a monthly photo with me. (It really didn't take much convincing.) This a collection of those photos from this past year. :) (You'll notice that February kinda got missed, so it ended up with a classic "we're traveling" shot in Boston. haha)

Please enjoy this glimpse into our adventure. I hope that I may have the honor of photographing some of your adventures over this next year and the years to come. :)

Comment with which one is your favorite! :D

Photographs taken in:

  • January: Dayton, OH
  • February: Boston, MA
  • March: Dayton, OH
  • April: McMinnville, OR
  • May: Dayton, OH
  • June: Olive Hill, KY
  • July: Donner Lake, CA
  • August: Dayton, OH
  • September: Dayton, OH
  • October: Dayton, OH
  • November: Chalmers, IN
  • December: Hammond, OR

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