Dayton, Ohio & The Dayton Art Institute // Alex & Jo Engaged

Oh goodness, are these two absolute troopers and absolutely in love! Alex & Jo braved the brutal cold with me last weekend and absolutely slayed their engagement session! I'm head-over-heels with all of the smiles and joy. *insert googley eyes here* We were all excited that this crazy, fluctuating weather gave us snow just when we needed it, too! It totally made the cold worth it. That and hand warmers. ;)

Alex & Jo introduced me to a new park in the Dayton area, Grant Park. I wish I had heard of it sooner because I love it! It has a cute little bridge and some chimneys outlining the ruins of the history behind the park. Alex grew up going here and it has a lot of memories for him, including an up-close encounter with some deer. It was really cool being able to hear a bit about the park's history from him. I love learning the backstory to almost anything! haha

We also headed over to the Dayton Art Institute, which is where Alex proposed to his lovely bride-to-be. The setting sun gave us just what we needed for a wonderful end to a wonderful day. And I'm excited to continue celebrating with them at their wedding later this year. Congratulations, you two! May God bless the united life ahead of you!