Kings Island, Ohio // Wayne & Leanne Engaged

You just know a couple is amazing when you see they asked for their engagement session to be at Kings Island, the amazing theme park near Cincinnati, Ohio. The staff there were all very friendly and welcoming to us as we photographed that morning. We had an absolute blast! In the morning we photographed and then Wayne and Leanne invited me to join them and their friend as they rode all of the big roller coasters—the bigger the better in my book! The day was rainy, as most have been lately, but it held off enough for our session yet still kept most visitors away. All of this made for the perfect day in my book and Wayne and Leanne made for the perfect couple. :)

Wayne and Leanne first met when rock climbing long before they started dating. It wasn't exactly "love at first sight," but that moment started something between them that would eventually blossom into something deeper. Neither of them can quite put their finger on when things actually changed, but change it did. Their relationship went from "frienemies" to close friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.

As time passed, Wayne and Leanne knew their relationship was meant to last and Wayne bought a beautiful ring for the woman he hoped would someday become his wife. With the ring in his possession, he planned the perfect way to ask Leanne the most important question he would ever ask her. He set up a scavenger hunt of sorts which ended with him on his knee ready to put the ring on her finger. As she said yes to becoming his wife, they then took the step from close friends to being engaged. Next year they will be changing this one more time as they go from the titles of fiance(e) to husband and wife.

This soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Tharp are sure to have a lifetime of laughter and adventure. I truly can't wait to see what is in store for them over the upcoming years. :)

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