Oak Openings MetroPark, Ohio // Peter & Rachel // Engaged

After spending the evening with Peter and Rachel photographing their engagement session, my impression is something along these lines: "Oh my word, they're so adorable! I love how they interact and how Peter makes her smile and laugh!" So yeah, I couldn't help getting excited as we interacted and then again as I went through and edited their engagement session.

I also got pretty excited when Peter and Rachel agreed to adventure with me to Oak Openings Preserve MetroPark in northern Ohio. I had fallen in love with random photos of it that I had seen on different social medias and hunted through Google Maps for it, looking from street view to satellite view to some geo-tagged photospheres. I mean business! haha We found and fell in love with it. :) (Apparently, we weren't the only ones to hunt for this amazing location; when location scouting, we ran into someone from Australia who was also specifically looking for this spot!)

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening in our amazing location—the perfect temperature and the perfect light streaming through the trees. I'm sure their wedding will be perfect, too, no matter the weather, all because of these two lovelies. And it's coming up very soon! I'm excited to see the way they look at each other, again. I'll probably get distracted by seeing the adoring love in their eyes just like I did when I asked them how Peter proposed. Don't worry, I'll make sure you can see it, too. ;)