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Smile Filled Wedding in the Hills // Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Brandon and Hannah smiled on their wedding day maybe more than any other couple I've seen. They're emotions were worn for the world to see and what everyone saw was a deep, anchored love for each other and for God. I left their wedding day feeling inspired in my faith and encouraged in my marriage. It was incredible!

What else was wonderful was Brandon and Hannah's willingness to adventure all over the farm that Hannah grew up on. That makes for the best photos, let me tell you! :D At first we were walking, then Hannah's dad came by with a tractor and the idea to take us to the top of the hill in the cow pasture that had the best view of the area. Oh, those hills! And such a sweet father. And such a gorgeous couple! Their smiles and laughter couldn't be anything but one of the most beautiful things that pulls your heart into their love story.

Oswego, IL // Hannah & The Full Color Life

I appreciate that Hannah lets me try new things. This adventure involved busting out my new flash set-up and playing around. I prefer not to use flash during my sessions, but on wedding days you never know how the light might treat you. I want to be ready for whatever is thrown my way. :) Oh, did I mention another variable we worked with? Rain. Yup, we took on the challenge of a rainy, dreary day and even did some of our session in the almost complete darkness of night. I wanted to take a behind the scenes photo for you guys with my phone, but...uhh...I couldn't...cause it was dark. haha

Plainfield, Illinois // Hannah and The Full Color Life

Hannah and I decided to switch things up a bit and photograph a little closer to home instead of in the big city. We picked the cute little downtown of Plainfield, Illinois and it's Electric Park. (You should look up the history of Plainfield's Electric Park! Here's a link. ;) I wish every town had something like that was in its heyday.) I hadn't been in that area just to walk through it in ages, but it was a great little blast from the past as we wandered.

Hannah // Dayton, Ohio Portrait Photographer

Hannah has such a caring heart for everyone around her. The entire evening her smile and personality must have seemed so inviting to everyone who passed us because we found ourselves meeting many of them. And how could you not want to meet this beautiful, godly, compassionate woman? I certainly feel honored to count her as one of my new friends.