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Wet and Windy Laughter-Filled Coastal Couples Session // Portland, Oregon Couples Photographer

I like how the wet and rain made the aesthetic of this session a bit different. At the end, we were not only experiencing the rain, but also the wind carrying the spray of the crashing waves below us up to completely soak us. (Thank goodness for weather sealed photography gear, right?!) It just shows, that the "perfect" photography conditions are a myth. What's perfect to me, is the real experience and the connection between hearts.

Muskallonge Lake State Park, Upper Peninsula, Michigan // Steven & Jessica Anniversary

Steven and Jessica are two of the most down-to-earth and caring people. They deeply love each other and their absolutely adorable little boy. Seriously, SO adorable! But this session focuses on just the two of them (the little one didn't join us on our camping trip). We had such a great time adventuring through the area, first to Muskallonge Lake and then took a short walk over to Lake Superior. You better believe we took a few breaks to dip our feet in the water, collect rocks in the hopes of finding some agates (This area is supposed to produce really good ones! We didn't really know what we were looking for, however. haha), and to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Oswego, IL // Hannah & The Full Color Life

I appreciate that Hannah lets me try new things. This adventure involved busting out my new flash set-up and playing around. I prefer not to use flash during my sessions, but on wedding days you never know how the light might treat you. I want to be ready for whatever is thrown my way. :) Oh, did I mention another variable we worked with? Rain. Yup, we took on the challenge of a rainy, dreary day and even did some of our session in the almost complete darkness of night. I wanted to take a behind the scenes photo for you guys with my phone, but...uhh...I couldn't...cause it was dark. haha

Carillon Historical Park, Dayton, Ohio // Cara's Portraits

One of my favorite things about photographing Cara was how our morning photographing made her feel. I was overjoyed to see this on Instagram, "Oh my! This girl! I've been admiring @corriemick and her photography work for some time. I finally scheduled my session and spent this morning with her getting my photos done. She made me feel like a million bucks and like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I had the time of my life. She is one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine people I have had the privilege of knowing. Corrie, thanks so much for today. I'll remember it forever." Oh my heart. Thank you, Cara! :D

Oswego, Illinois Maternity // Becky & Baby Cintineo

One of my favorite reasons I love photographing people is that I have the opportunity to capture memories, times that you will always want to hold a glimpse of. Having a baby is definitely one of those times and I am so glad I could capture it for my sister. I can't wait for my niece or nephew to arrive here soon! (They're keeping the gender a surprise even from themselves, and aren't sharing their name ideas. Last I heard Mephibosheth was top of the list.haha) ;)

Plainfield, Illinois // Hannah and The Full Color Life

Hannah and I decided to switch things up a bit and photograph a little closer to home instead of in the big city. We picked the cute little downtown of Plainfield, Illinois and it's Electric Park. (You should look up the history of Plainfield's Electric Park! Here's a link. ;) I wish every town had something like that was in its heyday.) I hadn't been in that area just to walk through it in ages, but it was a great little blast from the past as we wandered.

Corrie Mick Photography

I want to be the one to capture your memories, but I also want the privilege of experiencing them with you. I think one of the most exciting things in this world is getting to know people for who they really are, and with my love language of quality time, I hope that I may share some time with you and get to know you all while making sure you and your family have something to treasure from these moments in your life. You are worth it.

Hannah // Dayton, Ohio Portrait Photographer

Hannah has such a caring heart for everyone around her. The entire evening her smile and personality must have seemed so inviting to everyone who passed us because we found ourselves meeting many of them. And how could you not want to meet this beautiful, godly, compassionate woman? I certainly feel honored to count her as one of my new friends.

Alejandra // Ohio Portrait Photographer

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." ~Phil Collins

Alejandra and I spent our time together going over the basics of photography as well as taking a few portraits. I believe that no matter how much you know, you can always pass on knowledge to others.