All in Family

Adventure Themed In-Home Newborn Session

Little Mr. Byer is a tiny piece of perfection surrounded by a whole lot of love; you can see it in the everything his parents do for him. He also has an amazing nursery decorated with an adventure theme (Oh my heart! It's amazing!) where he gets to sleep, one of his favorite things of course. But it's not a favorite thing when a lady with a big black thing in front of her face just keeps looking at him, haha.

South Bend, Indiana // King Family Portraits & Gender Reveal

Family photos are such a precious thing in my eyes. They may be a luxury, but I can't help but think that everyone needs them, even to document the little things like playing on a slide. Thank you to the King family of now four for allowing me the honor of capturing these moments. I hope they are something you can look back on for years to come and remember all the little moments as your children were growing up that were filled with smiles, laughter, and even the tears that brought you growth. You are such a beautiful family inside and out.