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Adventuresome Forest and Creek Engagement Photos // Portland, Oregon Engagement Photographer

I love when I have the opportunity to photograph a couple who loves to adventure and hike; Alex and Courtney enjoy doing just that. During their engagement session, we ventured out into a small, cute park near Dayton, Ohio just before I moved to Portland, Oregon. We ventured through the woods, around the mud, an even got into the water. :D It made my heart so happy to capture their love and nature alongside each other like that. The water may have been slightly cold, but it was so worth it because it turned out amazingly. Even the sun was in favor of us getting in the creek because the light was coming through the trees so nicely behind them. :)

Downtown Dayton, Ohio // Kyle & Jess Engaged

Love isn't just about the big events, like the first time you hold hands, the first time you say "I love you," the proposal. Love is really about all the little moments all strung together: the everyday, the glances of admiration, cuddling while watching Netflix, sharing an inside joke and making each other laugh. The biggest take-away from my opportunity to see Kyle and Jess' love was the power of these "little" moments. 

Dayton, Ohio & The Dayton Art Institute // Alex & Jo Engaged

Oh goodness, are these two absolute troopers and absolutely in love! Alex & Jo braved the brutal cold with me last weekend and absolutely slayed their engagement session! I'm head-over-heels with all of the smiles and joy. *insert googley eyes here* We were all excited that this crazy, fluctuating weather gave us snow just when we needed it, too! It totally made the cold worth it. That and hand warmers. ;)

Cedarville, Ohio // Ethan and Kayce Engaged

Ethan, Kayce, and I spent our evening around the cute little town of Cedarville, Ohio. Ethan requested Cedarville because it has a special place in his heart as being where he had done his family portraits throughout the years as well as his high school senior portraits. We had fun making it a new adventure for him and Kayce together now that they are engaged. :)

Oak Openings MetroPark, Ohio // Peter & Rachel // Engaged

I also got pretty excited when Peter and Rachel agreed to adventure with me to Oak Openings Preserve MetroPark in northern Ohio. I had fallen in love with random photos of it that I had seen on different social medias and hunted through Google Maps for it, looking from street view to satellite view to some geo-tagged photospheres. I mean business! haha We found and fell in love with it. :) (Apparently, we weren't the only ones to hunt for this amazing location; when location scouting, we ran into someone from Australia who was also specifically looking for this spot!)

Dayton, Ohio // Jon & Kylyn Engaged

This past weekend just happened to be the year anniversary of Jon & Kylyn reconnecting after some time and distance separating them. A rekindled friendship grew into love and it didn't take long for these two to know that their future would be better together.

Donner Lake, California // Clint & Veronica Engaged

These two lovely people, Clint and Veronica, just got engaged! I had the privilege of photographing their proposal as well as their engagement session, both at the beautiful Donner Lake in California. I honestly think I could wander off the path there forever since it's so beautiful! Wandering a bit off the path is exactly what we did together during our session, and we found some great sights: the lake off in the distance, a tree swing, amazing rocks, and a fallen tree in the lake.

Donner Lake, California // Will & Olivia Engaged

Will and Olivia. :) They've been dating for several years and looking toward marriage for a little while now, too. It's been four years since Will started going to Olivia's annual family reunion at Donner Lake and last year he decided that this, 2015, was the year he wanted to ask her if they could officially join their families together.

Kings Island, Ohio // Wayne & Leanne Engaged

You just know a couple is amazing when you see they asked for their engagement session to be at Kings Island, the amazing theme park near Cincinnati, Ohio. The staff there were all very friendly and welcoming to us as we photographed that morning. We had an absolute blast! In the morning we photographed and then Wayne and Leanne invited me to join them and their friend as they rode all of the big roller coasters—the bigger the better in my book! The day was rainy, as most have been lately, but it held off enough for our session yet still kept most visitors away. All of this made for the perfect day in my book and Wayne and Leanne made for the perfect couple. :)

Chuck & Alicia // Dayton, Ohio Engagement Photographer

I had an absolute blast while spending time with these two. Their fun, vivacious personalities were my favorite part of the session. The smiles and love overflowed, making it obvious that these two were meant to be together. I also loved their personal take on the day by wanting to photograph in a music store; music is very important in Chuck's life and I love that we could incorporate it into their session. A big thank you to Luke at Omega Music for allowing us to photograph there! I can't wait to see what the future holds for my new friends and I am very excited to be photographing the beginning of their marriage.